Our software now glows in the dark! We activate dark mode.

February 20, 2024
modo oscuro
At anatod, we always strive to offer the best possible experience to our users. Today, we're excited to announce an exciting update that's sure to make working with our software even more comfortable and engaging: Dark Mode is now available!

Dark mode is a highly requested feature that we have been developing and refining to improve the experience of using our software. With this new feature, our users can now enjoy a smoother and more relaxing interface, especially in low-light environments or during long work sessions.

What benefits does dark mode bring?

  1. Reduced eye strain: Bright light from screens can cause eye strain, especially during prolonged use. Dark mode reduces contrast and the amount of light emitted by the screen, which can help reduce eye strain and eye fatigue.
  2. Better readability: In low-light environments, dark mode provides a darker background that makes text stand out better, improving readability and making it easier to read.
  3. Energy saving: For those using mobile devices, dark mode can help save battery as dark pixels require less power than white or light pixels.

How to activate dark mode?

Activating dark mode in our software is easy. It is simply activated automatically with the configuration of the operating system you use.

We are excited to offer this new feature and hope our users enjoy it as much as we enjoyed developing it. We will continue to work to improve and add features that further improve our users' experience.

Dark mode will be gradually updated in all clients along with the new dashboard version of the main page.