100% Responsive

Customer self-management APP

Your customers will have access to a web / app 100% adapted to mobile phones, where they can manage your account, check your current account, make online payments, among many more features.

On your customer's phone

Push notifications

Send bulk or individual notifications to your customers.

You can send images as a preview and link to enter the site you want.

Integration with Facebook

Web design 100% responsive

Login of the client system. Integrated with Facebook.

Homepage. Current account status, service status, personalized advertising of the company.

Real-time information

Current account

Your customers will be able to control the collections and invoices that are made.

They will also be able to download them whenever they want.

Each ISP can customize how many invoices and collections customers can see and the types of invoices to display.

Management 100% online

Proof of Payments

Do you make collections by bank transfer and customers must send proof of payment by email? Did a customer have problems crediting a payment and should he send proof of it?

With the option of proof of payment it is not necessary for each client to send an email. By entering this option, customers can upload a PDF file or take a photo of the voucher and upload it to the system. Then an operator approves or rejects the payment and the client is automatically notified.

All files sent from the client will be saved in the database for future reference.

Support & Installation


Each customer can review the technical support tickets that are made.

All the information to be displayed is configurable, the client will only see the ticket data that your company wants.

Also, for the selected clients, they will be able to create a support ticket directly from the self-management system or reopen a final support ticket that the client has not been satisfied with the end of it.